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  • 4ireBox 4K gaming machine

    Unrivalled graphics, unparalleled performance…the ultimate gaming machine.

    4ireBox 4K gaming machine
  • four times as many pixels four times the experience
    four times as many pixels four times the experience
  • 4ireBox is compatible with Playstation and XBox controllers
    4ireBox is compatible with Playstation and XBox controllers
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  • 4ireBox runs Steam Platform for buying and downloading games
    4ireBox runs Steam Platform for buying and downloading games

Finally, a playmate for your 4K TV

Movie and TV content in 4K may be limited, but video game developers have been supporting this exciting new format for years. There simply hasn’t been a gaming system powerful enough to play in native 4K … until now.

finally a playmate for your 4k tv

Finally, a playmate for your 4K TV

finally a playmate for your 4k tv
4k graphics vs standard HD

What is 4K?

4K, or Ultra High Definition (UHD) is the successor to the High Definition digital video format, offering twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of standard HD, and four times as many pixels overall. The result? Stunningly sharp images and a whole new visual experience.

For all but a few games, the new Playstation 4 Pro is not capable of rendering in true, native 4K; it uses techniques such as HD upscaling which result in an inferior picture. Even in faked “4K”, the PS4 Pro is unable to produce more than 30 frames per second for most games.

4k graphics vs standard HD

Why is frame rate important?

Frame rate is the number of complete still images that the console can produce every second. A higher frame rate will produce smoother, more fluid motion on the screen. Although your TV is capable of showing 60 frames per second, most graphically demanding games on the Playstation and Xbox are capped at 30 frames per second, resulting in judder and an almost slow-motion effect, with sluggish feeling controls.

60 frames per second makes for much smoother more responsive gaming
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Why can’t I play in 4K at 60fps on my console?

Because the even the latest consoles are simply not powerful enough. Native 4K resolution graphics require a lot of power and the hardware for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and even the new PS4 Pro is already out of date. As the graph shows, the 4ireBox is over four times as powerful as the PS4 Pro, meaning that native 4K gaming at 60fps is finally achievable.

I'm a geek, give it to me straight.

The 4ireBox has not one, but two top-end EVGA graphics cards as well as a six core Intel processor. These components are water-cooled, as opposed to air-cooled, which means that we can overclock them well beyond their factory speeds, all while staying cool and quiet – no noisy fans!

We use EVGA graphics cards and motherboards
Play In 4K use Intel Processors
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Virtual Reality, a virtual breeze

With 2016 bringing the dawn of virtual reality, we are heading into a new era of gaming. VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are already shipping but their hardware requirements are demanding.

The 4ireBox has a hardware specification well in excess of the minimum recommended for VR gaming; meaning that you’ll be able to play in virtual reality at superior frame rates for years to come.

Turn everything up to 11…

Unlike consoles where the graphical options are locked, the PC versions of games allow access to a myriad of settings that control aspects of the graphics such as the appearance of water, clarity of shadows and realism of textures for example.

Typically, gamers tweak these settings according to what their hardware can handle. But turning graphical options up higher comes at the cost of frame-rate…push the settings too high and the frame-rate will drop to the point that the game becomes choppy and difficult to play.

Thankfully, the 4ireBox is so powerful you can just crank all the graphics options up, increasing the visual fidelity even further, whilst still enjoying super high frame rates.

Play In 4K Next Generation Gaming

The image above is a close-up screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games. If you drag the slider in the centre, left or right, you can directly compare the before and after effect of cranking up the in-game graphics options.

The screenshot on the left was taken with the graphical options set to ‘Normal’, with the game playing in 1080p, standard HD resolution.

The shot on the right was taken with all graphical ‘bells and whistles’ turned on, with the game playing on the 4ireBox. Notice the difference in detail of the road surface, grass, trees, cars and the helicopter itself. The contrast in image quality is even more stark when actually playing the game in full motion on a 4K display.

Turn all the graphics settings up full
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Superior Graphics
Superior Graphics
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True 4K, Ultra HD graphics at 60 frames per second make for an unparalleled graphical experience.
Faster Load TImes
Quicker Load Times
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The 4ireBox uses ultra high-speed components resulting in drastically faster load times.
4ireBox is Oculus Rift, Hive, HTC VR compatible
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The 4ireBox supports the latest virtual reality hardware such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
Online Gaming
Online Gaming
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Enjoy seamless online play with friends or against millions of other users worldwide.
Handbuilt in the UK
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All 4ireBoxes are custom-created and hand-built to order in the UK and rigorously tested prior to despatch.
Remote Desktop Support
Remote Help
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In the unlikely event you run into issues, we provide remote desktop support.
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