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Truth: 4K technology is nothing new. Video game developers have been making 4K-compatible games for years and televisions offering the ultra-high definition experience are getting ever-more affordable. While fanatic PC gamers in their basements may create mouse- and keyboard-powered tech towers that can handle the 4K experience, user-friendly game consoles are still lagging behind. With a typical gap of seven to eight years between console evolutions, gamers face a long wait before their Playstation or Xbox will finally match the capability of their television or the potential of their games. Even the rumoured Playstation NEO won’t be offering true 4K resolution, instead simply addressing the atrocious frame-rate issues that have been plaguing current generation consoles.

We think that it's time to change the face of gaming.

We are changing the face of gaming

With 27 years experience in gaming and tech, we have brought console gaming up to speed, taking 4K graphics and high frame rates out of the geek's lair and putting them stylishly into your living room.

The 4ireBox is a next generation gaming machine, now. Each system is custom made to order in Britain and offers 4K ultra high definition graphics in a sleek design worthy of your mantelpiece. Allowing you to buy, download and play the latest titles without ever having to go near Windows or touch a keyboard or a mouse, the 4ireBox finally unites the user-friendliness of a console and the superior power of a PC. Most importantly though, it takes visual fidelity to the next level, ensuring that games look as good as they should, immersing you entirely in a lifelike gaming experience.

Why should geeks have all the fun?

Play In 4K.

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